What is a Mini-Continuous Integration Server for Android

Posted: June 5, 2009 in AndCooper, Android, Java, Mobile
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When I started developing AndCooper I certainly did not intend to build a continuous integration server. But, along the way it seemed that Android Application development might need one. Not in the sense that it attempts to solve all problems but problems that are specific to Android Application Development.

What does a mini-continuous integration server look like? Its very small in Ant build script size and made to act as a Java Builder within modern IDE tools to get that incrmental set of builds as the developer is coding and thus generate code analysis reports as the develpoer is developing code. The analysis is specifically adjusted to pertain to Android developer challgnes, for example a new set of PMD rules beyond the PMD provided ruleset for Android, such as a rule checking for services leaks in  code.

On the ease of code analaysis report use and etc, a web dash board to view reports and eventually BiRT functionalities to query analysis data. The mini-continuous integration server for Android application development looks different in that  there is no server really deploy just drop it in yoru project folder and point the IDE JavaBuilder to use the build script, its just that simple.

As I finish version 0.1 over the weekend I am wondering how AndCooper will be received by Google, OHA members such as Motorola and etc as having a mini-continuous integration server for Android application development is kind of a new concept. And having support for javascript analysis for webview Android applications is a even neweer concept. Its a trail that no-one has trail-blazed before.

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  1. Erik says:

    Have you developed a rule set for Android? Im currently using Hudson as my main CI server and will shortly do CI on my project using it.

    • sharemefg says:

      Its in development, once I finish the web dashboard for the AndCooper tool wil publish it for sperate download at the AndCooper project page.

  2. I’d like to see some integration with hudson. This project would be readily adopted and quickly spread if it were a plugin to an already hugely popular open source CI server that everyone already knows how to set up.

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