An eBook on Android WebView App Development

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Android, Mobile
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A question. Would you pay for an ebook on Android WebView App development or a trainng course on such a subject?

  1. Clement says:


    I recently developed an application based on the android web view. The issue was not really coming of the web view itself but really from the Webkit support that sounds definitely strange. Some stuffs work on android but neither on Safari nor iPHONE (as well as in the other direction, of course) … Moreover, the webview sometimes crashed the VM : JNI references when using marquee or animation, if not cleaned correctly, it may also crash (SegFault …)

    So, if your book explain all this details and how to develop efficiency with the web view, why not. However, a lot of things have to be explained !

    • sharemefg says:

      You may want to check how you update the UI threads as they need to be updated on their own thread when Ui changes occur. everthing should come back in synch with the Donut SDk 2.0 release as far as webview matching across both iphone and android

  2. Tony S. says:

    Definitely: YES!

    Also, if the main theme is Android’s WebView, I agree with Clement that it might be great if there are some side snippets on how to integrate a specific task with another OS webview (Palm Pre, iPhone,…), if there’s any significant diference, that is.

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