an Android UI WidgetKit

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile

I was originally looking for an ORM java library for Android. Do not get me started about the lack of ORM on Andorid, even js ORM libraries for Android are somewhat implemented wrong. What I found is a UI wdiget library called Metawidget that not only provides a nice UI framework but than offers realistically implemented connections to  backends such as Hibernate, JavaBeans, and etc and it supports al the UI front-ends you would encounter in java. So where does Android fit in?

It has support for Andorid UI components and GWT. and you can create new Builder to handle your customized implementation, for example create a GWT builder that supports Androd GWT where you may not have a server-side compoonents. here is the klicker why this would fit with Andorid specialized ORM, the metawdiget auto-insepcts the backend to create the UI components at runtime. So it is not just the savings in space and performance you get with using xml for Andorid UIs but alos the savings of creatigng such things at run-time.

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