Perfect Continuous Integration Server

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Eclipse, Java, Mobile
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Last year, 2008 or 2007,  I had the idea of integrating Tiddlywiki with Eclipse to somewhat drive the build/development process. However, for whatever reason that is just too brittle of a combination. But, picture this an Eclipse Continuous Integration Server.

You start with e4 project as the front end combined with RCP. Than of course part of e4 extends towards the backend but also inclduing say jetty, Sqlite, Eclipse BiRT, and etc. Than you take the API Modular principes of the Glean project and  move that form in pure ANT to say groovy. enable the Dashboards as Groovy/grails integrated with e4. It would be aprefect test of e4.

Now for the engineering part, how does one talk Motorola into doing a Mobile Application version that targets an Eclipse Continuous Integration Server for Android developers? Damn it I want one.

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  1. Mr. Hericus says:

    Check out some of the ways that we have done continuous integration for eclipse projects with Zed: Eclipse Headless Builds

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