AndCooper and Hudson Integration

Posted: June 18, 2009 in AndCooper, Android, Java, Mobile
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First, thanks to my blog comment posters.  Yes, I can see why the desire to run AndCooper in Hudson Continuous Integration Server as its easy to set up and get started. While we do not have Hudson plugins for JSLint, Jdepend, Classycle, JCSC, DocCheck, and etc I can set up AndCooper specific items so we should be able to be able to run AndCooper right in Hudson almost right at the first AndCooper project releases.

For example, if I do a separate hudson-project-docs sub-directory and put html forms of all reports in there than  you can do post-build project links  with relative urls to those documents and thus stil have them in some form of dashboard like. Than as hudson plugins appear make a new andcooper-hudson-build.xml script that accounts for that set of features. That way we can use Hudson CI server right away. Which means I have to write a project sample config.xml for Hudson CI server integration.

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