AndCooper Reports Refactoring

Posted: June 18, 2009 in AndCooper, Android, Mobile
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I am in the final phases of refactoring the reports look for AndCooper and the 0.1 release of AndCooper should be shortly. Looks like this before the final adjustments such as company logo, reports.css, and etc:
Plus, the reports should have a similar look to them to guide the developer as easy to read analysis reports. For example, adding summary explanations to some reports telling the viewer how to use the report.

I have choose to use a Continuous Integration Server as the platform to allow me to extend it beyond the first few versions to enable the easy on-the-fly-analysis. Basically, two modes. One mode allows the AndCoooper tool to run as a JavaBuilder in your IDE. The other mode allows you to run AndCooper in the Hudson Continuous Integration Server.

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