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Posted: June 24, 2009 in AndCooper, Android, Java, Mobile
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T-Mobile G1 Google Android
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While I polish the AndCooper release and directions, I will publish some ANT atrget example specific to Android.  How about a signjar task? SignJar:

<target name="signapk-pubkey" depends="release.production" description="signs the app to be published">
 <mkdir dir="${dist-folder}/${TSTAMP}${DSTAMP}"/>
 <signjar destDir="${dist-folder}/${TSTAMP}${DSTAMP}"
 alias="${keystore-alias}" keystore="${android-keystore-location}"
 Jar="${out-folder}/${}.apk" />


The release.production target is just the apkbuilder task and you have set to signed not true so that the apk does not get signed witht the debug key. Remember, we do not have a clear standard way of indicating Android application  versions so I name the dist folder by date/time in preparation to indicate the version in some other ways. You may chose to do something very different.

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