WebView Magic in Android

Posted: June 27, 2009 in AndCooper, Android, Mobile
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T-Mobile G1 Google Android
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Part of the difficulty in using WebView has to do with the build, test, release process. Let me explain. You are importing or linking the importing of css and js to different locations depending upon whether you are testing or producing files for release. Obviously importing both the non shrinked version along with the shrinked version could also cause problems.

But. what if your importing both non-obfuscated and obfuscated to do this:



-real css file

-real js file


-concat dummy empty css file

-concat dummy js empty file

Than, now here is the magic for the production release you reverse it in that the operational files are the obfuscated ones with the other original files being concated to empty files, importing a concated empty files does nothing(perfect!). Now, all that extra changing of imports and copying files and etc eliminated! Why? Because the step to change the concated empty files from non-obfuscated to obfuscated occurs during the lines right before the apkbuilder ANT task in the release.produciton target.  Than always name the css-library as css-library.css and the js libraries as the concat file of js-library.js. It will look weird that you have a pair of imports for css and js but hey no more other extra steps, who cares what it looks like when it saves some steps!

Now here is what I do not understand. The amount of time saved in the development process in developing Mobile RIAs that deploy on Android is significant when usin gthis new AndCooper build process tool so why the ‘long-face’ among several Android parties to the point of me not even answering Android employment inquires because of the non-listening about these important areas? Should I have to hide from Android Employment inqiuries if I am creating such time saving development tools?

Okay, sorry for the rant. The non OHA members have been extremely helpful and the comments have been used in making AndCooper better. And let us not forget all the helpful and overworked  Google Engineers who answered by questions this spring about SDK tools as the AndCooper project idea was being formed. The upcoming videos tonight are another reports video and possibly a video showing the tiddlywiki document system in AndCooper.

The whole reason why I built Android applications including those using WebView bare for several months was to understand what part of that process had to  change to make it accessible to more developers  both in saving time within that development process and etc. My model of how things should not be, was the PhoneGap mess. that is nothing against the contributors to PheonGap but no-one is really acting as architect and it shows up in the way the phoneGap is organized and how that impacts development time of those who are new to Mobile RIA development and those that are not.

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