Fennec on Android

Posted: June 30, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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TOKYO - JUNE 24:  A baby Fennec is seen at Sun...
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A lot of talk has been about getting Fennec on Android since the Android NDK release.  First, my bias. I am in some talks  and or discussion about this with Mozilla . If I was to do it one would have to target webview functionality and work backwards to get Fennec on Android. it is not enough to have Fennec a 2nd class citizen on Android or SymnbianS60 for that matter it is a strategic blunder not to integrate Fennec with webview on both platforms.

Webview developers by having two browser engines competing on Android and SymbianS60 would get certain features faster such as Gears support and etc. I am unsure if Mozilla will respond to my counter-proposal as I was asked in May about discussing the Fennec Front end Engineering posiiton and felt at that time that unless Mozilla leads with webbview integration that it was a lost cause. I can state that if Mozilla says yes, the screen shots may come  a lot faster than anyone is aware of at this moment.

Hopefully, Mozilla says yes. They are my opinions and my opinions alone and should not be construed to to be coming from Mozilla or the Fennec project.

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