Web Applications in Android

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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As you know people have been observing the javascript performance in PalmPre to see if you could do really heavyduty applications. What if istead at least short-term you had a template engine like say oh ClearSIlver? Let me explain it another way. Webserver is the webserver that is already in Android. The Model is SQLite. And the View is the template engine in this case ClearSilver with a scripting language enabled. The Controller is the scripting languages itself. Right now clearsilver is in Android source.

From what I can gather in source right now the scripting language would be java itself through the Java-JNI bridge. At this time I am not sure if there is a javascript DOM to access the APIs of ClearSilver. I cannot wait to being playing with this in  Android Applicaiton Development

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