Donut EMMA SDK Builds

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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First, before I give out the download link:

1. They are temporary as to do it weekly for  Linux, Mac, and Windows would take about maybe 200 gig per year in space and bandwidth. It would be nice if an OHA member stepped up or if a 3rd party stepped up with a contract offer so that I could provide it on the side but that has not happened yet.  So at this point its a Linux build whenever I feel like it unfortunately.

2. Its alpha and not intended for production and I have not tested it against every Linux distro. Its EMMA enabled  so that you can do unit test coverage.

3. The file name denotes the date the repo was synched. That means I did a full download to get both donut and master and than did a build.

Sorry, that part of the above stuff was not positive, I would rather have thing in place os tht I could  offer something more dependable as the community needs this done weekly. Okay, enough complaining, the download for the Linux Donut EMMA SDK build for July 5th. Do not crash my dropbox accoutn to badly with the download request, please.


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