BootStrapping AndCooper Using Android SDK

Posted: July 15, 2009 in AndCooper, Android, Java, Mobile
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One of the problems in developing an Android Application Build system based on ANT is how to get the Android SDK to sort of, oh I do not know, let’s say generate it. I found a way that will have the Android SDK generate the AndCooper build scripts through the android create project command. With 2 little file installs and one small folder isnstall full AndCooper set-up with the Android SDK doing the work of placing it in the right location, SWEET!

Now that is the ultimate in Android SDK customization having it deploy your own customized ANT Build system, no? How? Well, the command android create project command cannot transfer the extra files your build customization desires so we just assume that our developer puts that set of files in a supplied-folder called AndCooper_Extras in their home directory as that is accessible via the ANT ${env.HOME} variable. That means as far as the Android SDK machinery is concerned we only have two files to replace to enable it, neat!

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