Improved Android Customization

Posted: July 19, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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Okay, the templates I did the other day:

-build.xml template



that you can use to customize your Android SDK, as we should all be using that android create project command  because everyone’s IDE plugins do not execute that entirely correctly thus missing out on mock testing and etc, have been improved. This Android SDK template  download is in zip form and the folders names and structure follows where you need to put the templates in your SDK install. What I added to the java.file.template is the usual Activity methods you normally are overriding in most parent activities of an application. The Activity methods are grouped in order within the Activity life-cycle and the ones that can get killed after returning by the system are marked.

My next little community addition besides AndCooper  wil be a set of Eclpse Cheetsheets for Android Application Development.

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