Working With An Evolving Android SDK

Posted: July 22, 2009 in AndCooper, Android, Java, Mobile
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T-Mobile G1 Google Android
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Finishing up hacks and testing those with AndCooper 0.1 The problem with the Android SDK is it  is evolving so we have things that change form release to release and so I have had to ot hacks to get around those changing items such as the value of the target value in changing syntax and etc.

The whole idea here is that say Google and OHA pulbish a new relase of Android SDk called 2.0 on Firday.  Than I should as a developer be able to take the AndCooper Build Toool and with no changes or avery few adjustments be able to build projects right-away using the AndCooper tool. I as an Android Developer should not hav to wait for the p;roject lead of AndCooper to adjust and ix things, it should alrady work with the new SDK release.

It is a very different approach than say an OEM, say Motorola,  would take on building an Android Application Development ANT-based build tool as my target audience is both beginning Android  Developers and Advanced Andorid Application Developers. It is importna ot get this right as we will see Four SDK releases per year. Through today I expect to be posting some videos of final AndCooper 0.1 testing to apologize for the delays in the 0.1 release.

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