MotoDevStudio for Android Questions

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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Motorola has a preview release of MotoDevSyudio for Android. My key questions are:

1. Eclipse  3.4 is used which means it has the bug prone ant 1.7.0 release preventing you from using col stuff like taskdef resoruce loading ot use Jdepend and et in a Android app build script. will MotoDevStduio for Andorid be updated to Eclipse 3.5 soon since ECF will not be releasing an Eclipse 3.4 fix to upgrade Eclipse 3.4 to ANT 1.7.1?

2. Does M0otoDevStudio for Android have build script support to suport webview web coding tasks such as obfuscationof javascript in assets folder files and javascript analysis say via lint for java and say support javascript javadoc generation?

3. Does MotoDevStudio for Android support java preprocessign to target one code base for multiple SDK  versions?

4. Many Android developers use Linux Oes, when is the MotoDevStudio for Android Linux version being released?

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