TDD Hardships on Andorid

Posted: August 25, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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You would think that implementing Agile-TDD at the build system level for Android Application Development would b the hard part. Not that is not challenging. The hard part seems to get companies and firms to believe that if its implemented right and executed that you have white box QA testing using  this build system framework without the full costs of full blown QA department. Other mobile platforms such as J2ME in which we do not have a full emulator at the OS level and higher which results in  major differences between the J2ME emulator and what appears on the device in several crucial areas. With Android he can be accepted that 95% to 98% of functions/features on the emulator work as advertised exactly the same way on the device because the emulator not only emulates java but the full connection and integration with the device OS and we have device hardware profiles. This means that similar to the iPhone emulator that with the right build/testing system the power is put back in the one developer hands again significantly reducing cots.

I see not only Android OEMs such as Motorola but other firms developing Android applications view my linkedin profile daily. It is not much to throw a small contract my way so that I can finish this Agile-TDD build system development. Am I asking too much for a small Android development gig/contract? I mean due to this use of Agile-TTD rates can be in terms of $50 to $80 per hour due to the time savings in the developmental process. If you are a firm take the last highest cost Android Application development project that was completed. Now, imagine only paying 50% to 75% of that costs.

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