W3C Web Widgets on Android

Posted: September 5, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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As you know early this year Verizon joined the Joint Innovation Lab and their application store is based on that web widget application concept. JIL came up with a practical W3C Web Widget implementation known as JIL 1.0. The main difference between JIL and W3C Web Widget spec that JIL came up with a security layer implementation and a device API layer. Currently, China Mobile through Borqs LTd came up with having the JIL Web Widget Player loading alll JIL-lets in one all-assuming JIL-let payer instance instead of one instance for each JIL-let.  Why not as multiple instances using lessons learned with the AppWidget infrastructure?

The key question is has someone already contribute this to Eclair? As of right now outside Android contributors do nto have access to Eclair so its a pain and a half attempting to see if this has been accomplished. I have not seen Verizon, China Mobile, and Vodafone(JIL members) on the Android Developer Lists but that just means they may not be using their company email accounts on the list though.

But in any case if I have to implement it the package name will be android .jilwidget with me jury rigging my own HomeScreen to get it working with a full demo before full approval.

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  1. Brent Lintner says:

    An old post, but one of the rarities I could find regarding Android and a JIL runtime for it. I’m doing some work as well with an API implementation, but sadly still no JIL runtime for Android from any manufacturers, so I can test on a real Device (locally). I know HTC just signed on so perhaps we might see something of that come along the lines.

    Did you ever get around to working towards this? 🙂



    • Fred Grott says:

      One of the Asian OEMs did a runtime that has w3c and one of the other spec/formats I believe Motorola is using that OME in fact for their oPhone versions of their Droid models.

  2. Brent Lintner says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for the reply :).

    I will see if I have any luck checking out the oPhone forums, though I am in Canada so I doubt i could get it to run on my phones Android OS (or even just an Application that is a runtime and widget manager itself).

    Thanks again!

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