Posted: September 22, 2009 in AndCooper, Android, Java, Mobile

I should have some screen shots of AndCooperANT in action by tonight. Thus, so why put in several months of constant building application prototypes to test out AndCooper methodologies? Several years back I had a prediction that there would be a rise of top ten developer firms building facebook applications.

During that period I submitted several start-up request to fund proposals to the FB-Fund. although my proposals did not get funding I wanted to understand what common thread produced repeated success among those top ten facebook application development firms. While luck can allow you tot be in the right place at the right time once, processes make sure you get there every time ahead of your competitors.

It is not that marketing did not have a role to play it is that the development process and infrastructure for that set of development processes deceased development time by 50% when compared to their competition. Every Android Developer will have the same exact gem of Android application idea its the on that gets there first with the marketing power behind it which means that the development infrastructure and process that delivers faster than your competitors wins out.

You would not believe the amount of management staff I have run into that does not get the direct relationship between cutting development time by 50% to be at the right time point for marketing and how that directly relates to other business management issues. And it is not just no-name companies some of them are names you recognize like Real Networks, Mozilla, and even sad to say Motorola and Google.

Okay, off my soap box. I should have build number generation working by time I post the screen shots of AndCooperANT in action tonight. Other features, auto adjust logcat to catch only javascript debugging information during the webview debug target execution. Auto obfuscation and compression of JS and CSS for webivew assets. Auto supplying blank JS and CSS files so that by just pairing imports of both un-obfuscated js and css files and the obfuscated version which in debug mode are blank files one can fully debug without manually having to change import statements of both js and css. Setting up certain common code templates at project initialization so that development is easier. Lint analysis of javascript code. Javadoc coverage analysis. Taglets javadoc coverage so that you implement a poor persons code coverage until the EMMA feature is in place. Of course the 50% decrease in development time comes form the inclusion of Test/Unit/Mock targets to full application of the Agile method TDD.

The basic premise here is that you the single developer should not have to fire up a continuous build server to get this power it should be at your finger tips by right clicking the ant build file and doing a run ant configuration and typing in the ant target.

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