Posted: September 28, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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I have resisted the temptation to weigh in on this as I wanted to see what would come to be., I see signs of developer efforts to assist the ecosystem, OMEs, OHA members, and etc in the process of the balance between an open Mobile Operating System Platform and business concerns of all parties. The response from develoeprs has been overwhelming in the desire to push forward in amign the Open Android OS platform work. But what point may have been missed might also be important.

Let me preface this with the point that the Google Engineers, HTC Engineers, T-Mobile  personnel, Motorola Engineers, and other OHA member Engineers on the Android Developer lists have been extremely good about communicating with outside developers. In my own case of developing AndCooper Android Java ANT-based tool and some Android Project contributions I always get answers I need and always am able to pick up new valuable information about Android OS internals.

However, at times there is a large disconnect in communication levels  above that development layer a times. At times it make sit as far as an outside developer who does develop applications and does contribute back code to the Android  Project feel like I am driving a racing car whose windows are  in darkness effectively driving blind. Some of that missing communication cannot be helped. However, the out pouring of the desire to help over the weekend should indicate to all OHA members that the power to help grow that Android OS ecosystem and project code remains a untapped reource if communication above the developer layer continues to have ‘disconnections’

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