Goove wave Invite For Android Developers

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have 8 Google Wave invites.  To get one state what you are working on and your gmail account address as a comment to this post. I apologize in advance that I can only awadr 8 as I know that I will get many responses from hard working android developers. I only ask that if invited that you be willing to use your invites to invite more Android developers. I will send them out sometime around Friday evening.

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  1. Registered Android developer (noob), working on RSS app and weather-based mood app.

  2. pcnerd37 says:

    I am currently working on the next release of my android app Master Memo which I hope to have out very soon. My email is

  3. I’m working on an IRC client for my G1 right now… thanks.


    I’m registered as an Android developer, working on a new mobile client for Tumblr. aTumble is good, but I’d prefer something a bit more feature-rich. Thanks in advance!

  5. Psym says:

    Hi, I’m the developer of Abduction! and Milky Milky and I’m currently working on a mining game (see I know several other Android developers and wave would be great for sharing our ideas.

    Email is phil.symonds at gmail dot com

    Thanks, Phil.

  6. Rene Michel says:

    Non-registered Android Developer, working on my thesis, an android app

  7. Registered Android Developer working on several projects:
    ConvertAll (unit conversion program in market)
    Yahoo! Answers program
    P2P file transfer client…

  8. jerome p says:

    Android dev, registered w marketplace, working on social networking mobility app for mothers with children

  9. Alan Loh says:

    Registered Android developer, working on Casual puzzle game and platform-shooting game 🙂

  10. Gary S. says:

    Working on android client for a bank and potentially mashup of voice recognition and Google translate

  11. Yves says:

    Hi I’m a registered Android developer, working on a new sports application. My first experimental app is already on the market “BioRhythm Lite”.
    Would be glad to get an invite. I registered very early but didn’t get one. 😦

    Thank you.

  12. Juan Miguel says:

    Hi, registered Android developer too…. working on learning Android and on my first application, a basic game.


  13. enrico says:

    Hi, I’m working on android application for a search engine my company is developing.

  14. Red Sea Software says:

    I have a Formula 1 app in the Android market, now working on a simple football game.

  15. Pedro A. says:

    Developing a reality application for Android with object recognition.
    I would like to take a look at google wave to add some functionality to the app.


  16. Android developer working on ptmobile a pivotaltracker client. Version 0.3 is available on the market.

  17. Steven says:

    Thanks for offering these invites. I’m an Android and BlackBerry developer at Handmark, I work in the games studio. I’d be happy to pass invites on to other developers in our team.

  18. Ivan Vasilov says:

    I’m working on a calendar/meeting app for arranging meetings easier.

  19. Roy says:

    I will also donate two invites to whoever I deem worthy, muhahaha. No really, leave a reply with what you are doing here and I’ll help you out!

  20. Ivan Vasilov says:

    oh,i forgot to write my email.

  21. Hi
    Working both on community news web site and android projects around

  22. Jonas Beckman says:


    Swedish Android developer. Mobile evangelist for a Swedish consulting company, working on prototypes for clients right now.

  23. Paulo says:


    I’m working on simply playing games, for time-waste. Those games will have an online ranking where players could send the best results.

    I’m waiting ansious for the wave invite, to start thinking in google wave android apps

  24. Jake says:

    Hi! I’m currently coding two aviation tools for pilots, and planning a parenting app. My gmail is operator (dot) 7g (at) gmail (dot) com, and would love to hear from other Android developers.

  25. Robert says:

    Hi, i am working on Snake 3D for my private special project on my school. can you count me in?

    Btw, Google Wave can be motivated me to create another creative application that running on Android.

    I definitely will invite another Android Developer whom i can reach.

  26. Ed Burnette says:

    Got any left? 🙂

  27. Any invites left? I am the developer behind the android application for my college, Columbus State University, recently featured on the Google Enterprise blog.

  28. Anton Spaans says:

    Hi Fred,

    I have a openGL app in the market (The Gube) right now and i’m working on an app that allows user to upload their pics to smugmug and other such online services (it includes a gallery viewer, image editor and camera app and uses a android service for the upload functionality).

    I’ll make sure that my invites, if i be chosen, go out to other Android developers.

    (My e-mail is part of the comment registration)

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