MotoDev Studio for Android 1.6

Posted: October 2, 2009 in Android, Eclipse, Java, Mobile
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A short note, I just checked the MotoDev Studio for Android download page and version 1.0 supporting Android 1.6 is still not up yet.  I have been told to expect it either on Friday or Monday. However, I still do not have a new features list for hat version and they normally release the Linux version several weeks after the Windows and Mac Versions. At this time I do not know if the MB200 SDK add-on will be updated for Android 1.6 at the same release time period. You might want to tweet @MotoDev and ask. As far as MotoBlur in the emulator form my information I understand that you may get get access to MotoBlur functionality through the Virtual Dev Lab through Motorola’s App Acceleration program.

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  1. Eric says:

    As of 12:00 noon PT, the tools are online at the MOTODEV web site.

    There is a version 1.0 for Linux, Mac, and Windows today, so have at it. We released Linux a few weeks later for the beta because we wanted to get the features done correctly and Linux had a few remaining issues to clear up. From this point forward, we plan to release all three at once.

    Features are described on the MOTODEV page. The MB200 add-on from Sept 10 is still there. I expect we will be able to release another in the next few weeks, after the MOTODEV summit allows us to breathe again.


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