Hacking MotoDev Studio for Android 1.0

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Android, Eclipse, Java, Mobile
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Do not get me wrong, Mototdev Studio for Android  version 1.0 has a lot of useful stuff for example the database view for SQLite, the emulator controls, and etc. The problem is some real bone head developer decisions were made causing such things for us developers, in the field, to encounter such as MototDevStudio for Android not having SVN,  Mylyn, and WTP if you happen to be using GWT on Android.

Do we accept such non listening things from Motorola? No, we hack it and get the features anyway! Now, I do not have copyright permission to put up the individual plugins to download and stick into a full eclipse 3.5.1 install. However, later today I should have instructions on how to hack this together.

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  1. EricC says:

    I’m the bonehead who makes the decisions for MOTODEV Studio, so help me understand this.

    You need SVN, Mylyn, and WTP? I use CVS and Tasktop (the commercial Mylyn). None of these plugins are *essential* for writing Android code. They are certainly useful, but not required. We don’t want to bloat the installer any more than we have to. Since Studio is Eclipse, you are welcome to download and install the plugins you need. Just use the updater. Reading your bio, it certainly appears that you have the skills to do that.

    We were wrapping up the testing of Studio when the 3.5 SR1 release was final. We weren’t going to risk the stability or timing of the release by integrating the update. The next release will have SR1.

    My team welcomes ideas from developers in the field. Our job is to write the tools, not apps for the handset. Individually, some of us write Android code, but not commercially and but we’re not experts at it. We rely on the input of users to help prioritize the features and understand the workflows. If there are things that need to be included, go to the MOTODEV forums and let us know.

    But please leave the “bonehead” comments to yourself. The admins are touchy about etiquette.


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