An Apology to MotoDEV Studio Team

Posted: October 4, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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My intention was to see if I would be able to use the MotoDev Studio for Android  in producing Android Applications for several book proposals that I am submitting to Apress. But due to everal short-sighted decisions that are evidently part of the core MotoDev Studio philosophy I cannot accomplish that feat. Let me explain.

Part of the Android OS Mobile Platform design philosophy has been  applications without limits. Imagine you as the Star Trek Captain character named James(Jim) T Kirk. You do not want to be told by your engineer that you cannot have full power. By limiting the whole MototDev Studio series both in JavaMe and Android to not including CVS and SVN, Mylyn, TPTP and WTP for such things as the Eclipse Memory Analyser Tool to analyse Android heap dumps..Motorola has effectively told mobile developers that  you do not want full power.

That is not to say that the other additions ot MototDev Studio in term sof emulator/device control, code templates, SQLite view(in Android’s case)..are not important additions to making it easier fro first time developers. However, it is too much of a sacrifice to ask that first-time mobile developer that  they give up their right to be able to go to full developmental power for those features. Yeah, it is probably why both my interviews at Motorola both ‘sucked’. I cannot help it, I have a full blown user(in this case user is the mobile developer both beginner and advanced) full power ethics bent and it is somewhat impossible to turn it off.

I am sorry that all that hard work by the MotoDev Studio team cannot be appreciated by those who want both the beginner and advanced mobile developer to have full power at their finger tips in their mobile IDE. Due to the limitations to MotoDev Studio for Android I will not be using it in the development of the Android Programming WebView Web code using Goolge Web Toolkit book. I certainly hope that a ‘re-tooling’ of MototDev Studio addressing  these issues occurs as it would be a huge win for both the beginning developer and the advance developer.

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  1. Anon says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is about. What’s stopping from just using standard Eclipse for your IDE and then use Motodev for testing?

  2. Tony S. says:

    The ‘big deal’ is about using MotoDev as a showcase or preferred dev environment for apps (GWT or not) in Fred’s book.

    Also, it’s about pointing some big missing features in MotoDev, to be THE default Android developing environment.

    If all that is ironed out / fixed, it would be a great marketing push for the Motorola brand and devices.

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