Android ADT plugin

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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The nice thing about the Eclipse ADT android plugin is that you can go into Run Configurations, create anew Android Run configuration and than select the project and hit the target tab and select an AVD and than start the emulator. Set that up at the beginning of your developer day and you have something that seems smal but is very significant. The new technique or process I have developed is to use the ANT target to execute a set of unit tests. Who is already bored?  Here is the secret, I set in code at the beginning of my method and at the end to log a heap/trace file and than at the end of the ANT target pull out the set of files to my projects unit tests folder.

It is not any one process or technique of Agile TDD it is a set of techniques together chosen to fit the development situation.

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