Android Code Generator Eclipse Plugin

Posted: October 10, 2009 in Android, Eclipse, Java, Mobile
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Because of me using GWT in some  Android WebView Applications and other full power Eclipse features I need I cannot use MotoDev Studio for  Androd(sorry guys..lump it) so I have been on a search and analysis of what plugins to need to create and ones that others have already created. Fro code generation on the fly I have a project called Code2Code. Now, a little warning it is not in the beginner easy to use JET Editor template syntax.

If you use the Code2Code plugin you have to use either Groovy, Velocity, or Freemarker as the template syntax. Basically, you create a generators folder at the root of your project with the required files according to the Code2Code directions and in the project right click the project folder and choose Generate..

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