An Android User Lesson from Dave Winer

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Before I being this, some background.  Sometimes intelligent gifted people are not the easiest to interface with. Dave Winer certainly could be said to be the Frank Zappa of the RSS user community at times. So when you find an aha moment from dave winer explained by himself in an easy non pressure language its a real find.

Dave Winer recently started using an Android device with OS 1.5 and wanted to know how to do screen capture form a user perspective that means not installing something like the Android SDK or even probably installing something else. The thread he comments in is here.

The Gem is the last comment in the thread in that Dave Winer challenges all developers to look past our feedback systems that are developer centric and adopt a more user friendly approach. Let me explain, you know that physical thing called the Apple retail store? ever notice how there i snot a single install of any developer bug trackers there? Ever wonder why?

That is one of the reasons why you should use something like DroidDrop to remotely log the application problem as you do not want extra step sin consumer application feedback. the more times you can step into the consumers shoe sand think like them the better the consumer application.

Welcome to the Android User community Dave Winer..I forgot to mention DW’s Droid user  blog is here.

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