MotoDEV Studio4Android 1.0.2

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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On Dec 1st Moto released MotoDEVStduo4androd 1.0.2 updated to SDK 2.0. One improvement that might not have been talked about yet is being able to install rest of Eclipse IDe components as MotoDevStudio base starts with just Eclipse Java and some other parts.

So first screen shot Team SVN and Git installed:

As I go through this process I will post more screen-shots. I should also point out I had to Dave Winer yell at someone at MotoDev Studio Team about not being able to install all the Eclipse components. Maybe this is a sign of better listening? This not tot begrudge the MotoDev Studio team in any way as I appreciate the hard work that went on to solve the problem.

Next up is to install WTP. TPTP, BiRT so I can get the eclipse Memory analyzer plugins working and Eclipse ECF.

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