The Google Partnership

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Android

This article should make your blood boil. Note to Chris DiBona smart phone devices shipped unlike other previous devices depend upon the growing variety of applications. That of course depends upon having access to the new SDKs. The OEMs cannot do it without the application developers!

either Google and OHA view us as partners or not, We want the Android SDK 2.1 and an enlightened answer! Not some BS because you got scared of what OEMs might do.

  1. James says:

    They should be afraid. All the (American?) carriers know that google wants them to be a dumb pipe. I want them to be a dumb pipe and do what I like with the data I pay for. They don’t want that, they want control. It’s not enough I pay for a product to use how I wish, they have to screw every last dollar out of me any way possible. i.e., app market etc.

    The last thing a carrier wants is for you do buy any kind of unlocked device and do what “you want”. They have to control every damn part of process. So back door dealing it is.

    I don’t see how it could be any other way unless google moved to providing strictly unlocked devices. That again isn’t possible because most people have been sucking on the teet of subsidized phone prices. They refuse to part with the upfront money of purchasing the device.

    So I think google is only doing what it can do. Once they get more traction in the market, I’m pretty sure they can give the carriers the proverbial bird and be more transparent about the O.S. development.

    I too am annoyed I have no SDK, but how else can Google proceed?

    • James says:

      I think I meant to add, that it’s probably not the OEMS that are afraid, I’m sure it’s cheaper to license a free O.S. than a Microsoft O.S. so they have plenty of motivation to go to Android.

      Obviously the carriers decide what phones they will sell, so they have the power with the OEM’s.

      I’m sure the iPhone would be at least somewhat less restrictive in the app store if AT&T couldn’t have their way.

  2. Luke Meyer says:

    It does suck to have Google “playing favorites” with who gets the next version. That’s one way the Apache license cuts back, they don’t have to release anything, but it’s sure against the spirit of open source. I agree with Chris DiBona that Google can “do better” about a lot of things, esp. thorough developer documentation, but I respect that they probably have a lot of pots on the stove and also that they walk a fine line with the carriers.

    Stay good, Google, stay good!

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