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Posted: February 19, 2010 in Android
Android Market
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I have a collection of Android application ideas on my hard drive but Home Replacement applicatiosns seem to be the top sellers in the Android Market for paid applications.

There is of course dealing with the private APIs still associated with the Home application than how do I sell the less functional one? Maybe I could sell the less functional 0one as Retro Android HomeScreen? Than there is the aspect of how do I top the HomeScreen Applications already out there?

But, its the types of programming puzzles I want to solve that seem interesting to me from developing a theme API so HomeScreen assets can be stored on the SDCard to view optimization, etc. Plus, I want to push the HomeScreen UI into another direction.

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  1. ExtremeT says:

    If you are really serious about wanting to develop a home replacement app I as well am wanting to develop one. I have a slew of ideas that would really push it to the next level. If you are serious perhaps we can work on this together. Feel free to get in contact with me if you are interested.

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