Where are the Customers?

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Android
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One thing that is the same in skills and processes with the effort to get sales in Android Market is something that may at first glance might not seem related,androd development consulting customers.
You have the same process of analyzing where that target audience might look on the web and attempting to grab that audience. Suffice it to say that free demos and free videos are like the resume to get that Android Application Review site to review your application and thus that review becomes a marketing tool to get new customers.

Just like the recruiters on Linkedin, you have to avoid spending time on those groups that are not tangential towards your goals of getting customers. In the Android Market case, coverage by a non android application review site will only matter if the audience is directly using Android devices in high numbers.

But what free applications? It has to be a free android application that attracts an android application review site to review said application. Top sellers at this time seem to be Games, Entertainment, Utilities, and feature rich AppWidgets.

The free applications I am finishing are at this time an AnimatedWidget, a Feeds Application, a game, and a file browser application. notice that I did not state free android applications with someone else’s brand on it? At this point you will want your brand on it and that brand pointing to your stuff.

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