How To make Android Apps Look Like iPhone

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Android
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The general idea is as I work through polishing certain UI coding elements to do a tutorial series on making Android Apps Look/feel like iPhone Applications. Right now I have the 3D Splash screen implemented:

Basically, in frame layouts everything is visible but you can modify  that on-the fly and than use matrix and camera to manipulate the ImageView.

Now, its change from a click handler to rotating it based on a time period unit than after that time period expires sending intent to change to next activity. Than put some ImageView manipulation magic in for reflection and shadows, which means translating all the layout XML parameters to java code setting them as that is the only way to grab the ImageView correctly to set reflection and shadows.

I am using popularity to decide if the tutorial series is worth it. Thus far it seems like there may be enough interest.

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  1. dario says:

    How about the other way around? Is there interest in making a tutorial for making iPhone apps look like Android apps?

    There’s more android app developers everyday and it’d be nice to make it easier for them to port their apps to the iPhone.

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