iPhone-Android Media Branding 101

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Android
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I keep getting asked to do cookie cutter RSS applications to brand some brand as Android application so let me explain why this is not the ideal strategy.

Which way you Want Your Marekting Juice To Flow?

If you are not an established brand than developing an android RSS application that depends upon your own brand juice to get installs will not work as marketing strategy. Let me give an example, Android Tapp.com only gets 140,000 visits per month and thus can be said to have their brand not established. So it would be pointless to do an Android RSS application with only their feed as the marketing juice is flowing the wrong direction.

Now, it does work with an established brand such as McDonalds or etc but the marketing juice is still flowing from brand to application, not the other way around. However, it fails if you want ot introduce new products from that brand.

How to Get Marketing Juice with an Android Application?

If you have a brand to establish than getting Marketing Juice through an Android Application happens similar to the way JibJab has done it in that you create a desirable product. This could be a game with brand mascots for example. if you examine the facebook applications of major brands when they wanted marketing juice to flow form the fb application tothe brand they did games.

You in wanting to establish your company brand, have to think in that manner about branding your firm in the mobile space.

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