Android Training

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Android

I guess I should speak up about this. okay some background.  While both Apple’s iPhone OS and Google/OHA’s Android OS are  relatively new platforms(iPhone at almost 4 years and Android at 3), Android for application developers is still somewhat undocumented due to the Android team being somewhat smaller and having more stakeholders to hand-hold.

Thus, from the training perspective I could teach Android Application Programming  the same way that everyone else does. But, that would than leave without the skills to find out how to do something new. Whereas if I moved discussion of Android OS and SDK internals to beginning tutorials/classes, etc than you would have the tools to use to do new stuff when a new SDK comes out.

But than the problem is what application programming examples do I use to teach that going through the parts of the SDK or OS source to find  out how to do new stuff? Themes is an easy example as far as poking through SDK internals but what would be a good OS source one? Yes, developing a replacement HomeScreen is a good example but I want a smaller one dev-time-wise.

That is why you are seeing only one tutorial per day posted as I am attempting to determine how this could be done in an android training that makes sense and is implementable.

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