Android road-map

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Android
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Okay, an Android Road-map.  The idea is since I am tracking the changes anyway, make it a dynamic knol that I can update as I track new information. This is not Google supported or supplied an can form time to time suffer from inaccuracy. However, I am gleaning the hints from Google Group threads, etc and so it may have greater accuracy than other reports.

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  1. Mike Leahy says:

    Added info about reasonable known existence of OpenGL ES 2.X Java APIs believed to be available in 2.2 / FroYo. This will allow Java developers access to create next generation programmable graphics engines. FYI this is already available for NDK / native apps with v3 released in Feb/March. There is an unofficial Java binding available presently for early adopters though a blessed version from Google should make 2.2

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