Android Code Samples Complaint

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Android
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Like I never complain, right? While I appreciate the hard work every Android OS contributor has put in thus far some of the android code samples leave a lot to be desired. Code style mess-ups like if statements without brackets, parameters not finalized, etc. Still using the old test sub-folder in project instead of separate test project way of testing.

I can understand if we are not using modern IDEs.  But are we not using Eclipse, IDEA, NetBeans, etc? Well did we not have time considering that these code samples are supposed to show correct coding techniques?

Guess how long it took to clean up the LunarLander code project using properly set tools to get it to actually run on a device and emulator? Now, I have not completed the text code project yet but it was only one hour.

Yes, I am putting some  at github in the month of July. We have to have more professional code samples. The code samples in the SDK are just as important as the outstanding behind the scenes UI work that is occurring for Android 3.0 release in October.

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  1. ramesh says:

    how to store images in sd card in android that are saved in raw

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