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Posted: September 12, 2010 in Android

The most common complaint among those converting to developing for Android from iPhone and those web developer new to the Android Java Application development platform is that either the UI guidelines are lacking or there are no code samples. And traditional java shops like Markana are not covering it.

There is, obviously a Google IO video/pdf about it but no code samples. Basically, first point of entry in application is the dashboard with links to tabbed activities say for example info activity containing tabs for License, Copyright, and Directions, and a shared preferences activity.

Thus, AndDash…github repo is empty but should be filled by Monday morning with an example. It would be a nice area to develop a developer’s book covering Android UX design, its just getting someone convinced of that and convincing them to pay salary towards a position so that I can create such a book.

  1. John says:

    Fred, congratulations because you are the first one to cover the subject.

    I am learning programming and i found out too, there are no code examples to read and understand.I don’t need half examples comprised with little pieces of code.

    Book authors, choose bits and pieces of code, and most of them rewrite what is in the android SDK. I think most of the books are very poor in their approach to teach you android programming. Clearly the authors are not teachers, but just code hackers/junkies that jumped on the opportunity to write book only the money.
    There is no book for instance to have recipes of doing things. For example:
    Make a widget, make a weather widget, update your widget with a service, make a short ebook style encyclopaedia/info on a subject, make a index too.etc etc.

    Online tutorials, follow the same rule. Everybody is very careful just in case you use their code and make money from it. Either teach a subject or don’t bother.

    Asking in forums is the same. If you are asking something like “how is this done?” they direct you to the SDK url class. If you ask something that they think is currently hot (marketable) subject they just ignore you(they want to make the money just in case). You even provide your code and they don’t even want to correct it or show you a better way. They don’t even comment.
    The funny thing is that hundreds of people are reading your question looking for answers too.

    Good book examples are “PHP fast and easy web developemnt” “Perl Cookbook”
    The styles of these books are excellent.

    Those are my initial thoughts.

    • Fred Grott says:

      Yes, there seems to be demand to cover it..but not he coverage just yet..

      I should have some code examples up on github on Monday under my shareme github username.

  2. Mike Burns says:

    This is an incredibly important topic that our whole community is missing out on. Really it needs to be enforced at the Market level.

    A related topic we are missing out on are usability tests. We simply do not have the infrastructure available to run a usability test for an Android app.

    I look forward to all the work you are doing in this space.

  3. Christopher says:

    There are code samples available.

    In fact, the entire Google I/O app itself was open-sourced a few months ago.
    It’s on Google Code as something like “iosched”.

  4. Christopher says:

    Your original point was that people bemoan a lack of code samples in general. But yes, being pedantic, there are no direct companion code samples for that particular talk.

    All I wanted to do was point out that Google open-sourced an entire application which does contain many of the patterns mentioned in the talk, such as a Dashboard, an Action Bar, tabbed elements, and a pervasive Search function.

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