Broken Android

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Android

How many of you are fed up with the broken MVC in Android? How many of you are fed up with having to learn another testing framework just to test objects coupled to the context and even than the port of easymock cannot even handle all those use cases? How many of you took a look at the Android_MVC project at sourceforge and go why a heavy framework, not good?

The key to all these issues is that damn tight coupling of objects to context, both activity context and application context. Are you ready?  We are going to dump that effing sh*t. How? RoboGuice has non setter injectors and that is the main reason why you cannot use Yasdic as a real DI framework(it has no non setter injectors) as the non setter injectors matter in Android as it means you can grab and manipulate any object tightly coupled to  the context and context itself.

That is why I have been nose to grind stone last few days, missing emails, calls, probably sms, etc. That also means I have the core of the book proposal in my head.  But, presently 2 pairs of examples both using RoboGuice code side and testing side using one small complex application as an example. Seeing if I can knock all four out in a few days.

It is similar to fonding a start-up. I am excited. Worrying about how can I get someone to fund this while I develop the code samples, slides, etc but also knowing you only have one small framework as the swiss-army knife of Android Agile Development and it is not porting EasyMock to android and its not porting a heavy duty MVC frameworks to android.

You want to get fast in Android development? Bookmark that github link:

The source code, samples, slides, etc on how to do it the Agile way using RoboGuice to do real MVC and real fast testing is going up even if I have to damn starve.

  1. smartdvp says:

    nice 🙂

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