Google gets it Wrong

Posted: October 10, 2010 in AndCooper, Android

Hello  rant on. There are times hen every developer both outside application developers and project contributors want to just strangle Google. This might be one of those times.

On Sept 21st a developer blog post was posted on the android blog about using proguard to obfuscate in oreder to use some LVL features. The proguard supplied files had noticeable errors such as not picking up 3rd party libs in the proguard task amnd a poorly deficient proguard config file.

The corrections to the proguard ant task file can be found in the add-proguard-release.xml file in my AndCooperANT project. You can also find a correct proguard config file were log calls are stripped out and stacktraces and lines kept in the form of the proguard_android_config.txt file(drop box download).

To this date almost 30 days and no correction form Google and no acknowledgement of the errors. Come ON Google we have to get better than THIS! Its bug 11413.

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  1. Dan Galpin says:

    The current file should work with 3rd-party libraries, and has been updated since Sept. 27th. (There is an addendum to the blog post that is in the queue) My apologies that there has been no response to the bug report, but the blog post is not part of the Android open-source project, and has its own code project.

    This should also have been mentioned in the original blog post. My apologies for our apparent lack of responsiveness, but many posts were exchanged by the Android team and outside developers within the forums regarding this, which led to the update.

    Line numbers aren’t currently being preserved in the file included with the blog post, as the goal of the post was to obfuscate things as much as possible. That being said, I think that I should do an addendum to (by default) include line numbers, along with comments.

    Would you mind if I included excerpts from your file in an updated post?

  2. Tech Blaze says:

    Thanks for your information.!! 🙂

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