Agile Android Development

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Android, Java
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Gee, be nice if testing was easier and with the influx of  new frameworks does not make it any easier. The major reason why the average android developer does not unit test from the beginning(TDD) is that in any Virtual Machine mobile environment you run into situations where certain objects are not accessible to test.

Robotium and Calculon attempt to reduce the complexity by overlaying DSL concepts to come up with a new syntax to testing. Than we have droid-sugar/roboelectric which brings different style mocking to the area.

My thinking is why not combine the android port of easymock(Android-Mock) with some DSL syntax and it allows me to re-enforce my android internals knowledge. Plus the problem with mocks, is that effective mocking is on device/emulator the way Android-Mock implemented and with mocking on JVM rather than Dalvik you are doing a lot of extra steps for less effective results.

So AndCalculon is a polite fork of Calculon to integrate Calculon with Android-Mock and see how far I can take it. I will publish more later this week with the link.

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