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Posted: October 20, 2010 in Android, Java
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Joe Hewitt, funny the complaints about open coming from a Facebook developer, the same firm troubled by privacy gaffles, not being open, etc.

Lets back track a bit. Other OSes claiming open in mobile devices. Symbian, at first Symbian source tree was not accessible and viewable by outsiders much like Android. JavaME, same deal.  You see folks, its normal in mobile operating systems and in fact in any operating system with multiple stakeholders to at some point in the incubation period for the master source tree to be not viewable to outsiders.

The claim of it does not have this or that so must not be open is a bit of FUD to distract us from discussing other issues such as the consumer should have a choice in OSes, mobile operator device/service plans, etc without shackles of any OEM or Mobile Operator and Apple’s policy of locking down the consumer is somewhat wrong and miss-guided.



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