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Gradle Android Plugin 0.9.8

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Android, Java

In Gradle android Plugin 0.9.8 you can now have AIDL files processed automatically(my code contribution) also some other neat additions. Another developer is working on support for the Test stuff, I think that might be 0.9.9 which is upcoming.

Broken AddJavascriptInterface problem

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Android, Java

How many of us are still waiting for a Google solution? Something made sense in a mystic way when I read the Issue 12987 logcat error output as I took Mark Murphy’s example from that bug report and just switched addJavascriptInterface to after loadURL and it works with no errors in the emulator versions that were giving errors before.

Do not ask me why. I try a more full example on Monday. So that is the full work-around if I do not find anything going wrong on Monday with a more detailed example. No freaking parsing stuff required!


Did Nokia Also Sign Up for Android

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Android
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MobileReview is claiming that Nokia also signed up to produce an Android handset in early 2012. You might think that on the whole that might be false. But some things do not match.

The CEO’s memo and speech mentions that Nokia is getting out-marketed in 3 distinct areas; low cost feature handsets, middle cost smartphones, and high end smartphones while mentioning Apple, Android, and RIM. Yet the slide shown shows WP7 taking the high end and middle smartphone market from Nokia and that slide doe snto match market data.

The words used to describe the Nokia-MS partnership echo other MS mobile partnerships in which the OEM used MS to put out a WindowsMobile handset while at the same time putting out a competitor OS smartphone and later put their weight around that competing OS. Those OEMs who have taken that path in the past are HTC, Samsung, SonyEricsson, Motorola, and several others.

The indication that this would be true would of course be Nokia joining OHA. At this point I do not see any indication, despite MobileReview’s claim, that its true.

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