Posted: March 16, 2011 in Android, Java
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The Wabash Dashboard:

Its not very pretty yet and I have to polish some of the reports but both TDD and BDD within the same build system(Wabash) and even some analysis of javascript in the assets folder. You cannot really go fast agile unless your tools work along-side the development workflow. In my case since I am using Eclipse and Robolectric style tests cannot be run from Eclipse, I needed a build tool that could be run from the command line and allow me to switch from TDD to BDD and back without a lot of manual work in the development process.

Seemed better use of my time than spending time preparing free project prototype estimates to certain Chicago MBA startup idiots(Not that all Chicago MBA and startups are idiots, just the ones attempting to get free work form me). Best part is that due to its adherence to portability, you can use it on a 2-cpu core laptop as I avoid hooking into Maven, Hudson-CI(Jenkins_CI), etc to make sure that I can use it on a laptop anywhere.



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