Agile Android with a Vengence

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Android, Java

What you see above is a screenshot of MonkeyRecorder which is part of MonkeyRunner and unlike a different tool can be scripted in the IDE you use using python. The switch to some agile processes does not mean that you can suddenly complete a complex application in two weeks because some non-programmer says they need it in two weeks.

However, under the right conditions you can fast iterate prototypes in under 2 weeks. Thus, now I am on the final push to integrate MonkeyRunner in my Wabash dev tool. The difference between running a test suite with mocked user input and having MonkeyRunner execute tests with user input is that under MonkeyRunner its actual user input and not mocked.


Thus, just imagine that in your application code you log wrap some code that records at the beginning of a method the heap and traces and dumps those analysis onto the sdcard. So you could than have Monekrunner start the emulator and install the application ask for user input and as the last step push the heap and trace analysis files from the sdcard to the project reports folder.

You would think that some firm out there could use an android developer that builds his or her own dev tools. Once again these tools do not speed up the development processed based on a wrong management decision. However, they do speed up prototype iterations when management gets out of the way of the developer.


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    • Lim says:

      Hi Fred,
      Some how I’ve stumbled on your blog post and monkey_recorder. Great timing since I just spent the past 3 days coding a whole lot of actions by hand.

      I also noticed that there is a monkey_playback. Unfortunately I don’t really know python and can’t get it to work. Can you provide an example? Thanks.

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