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Posted: June 25, 2009 in Android, StartUp

Here is a set of reasons why AndCooper Build Tool, extensions to  MetaWidget to support AndroSQL, and etc have been delayed on getting released. I do not know how to go about describing this.

Mobilebytes is not entirey founded as a one person founder startup.  It somewhat has a cofounder in training. Right now the situaiton is still very delicate so I will keeep his name not mentioned at this time. This co-founder in training that I was grooming for co-foundership tried to committ suicide. To say its been a few tough wweks, is somewhat an understatement.  I can tell you that the co-founder-in-training is out of the hospital, but as you might know there is a significant amount of work ahead.

The whole idea of me interviewing with Motorola in early June 2009 and depending upon  statements that yes I would  get a phone call back on the telecommute Android project was to bank that contract money to support bringing this co-founder-in-training into the startup full-time and to ‘rescue’ that co-founder-in-training from a very bad family situation.

So some things will get released this weekend, sorry for the  delays.