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Want a fast coding Android Developer for your 3 to 6 month project? You might want to consider this contractor, visualcv:

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Unlike iPhone ObjectiveC, Android Java tends to have characteristics similar to desktop java. The easier development translates in more time to devote to telling your company, service, or product story in Android Application form. And that added time to tell your company story al within a shorter development time than the standard Apple iPhone ObjectiveC Application.

Why Android?

There is an extremely strong upswing in the amount of Android Devices used and bought and that trend will continue.

As you can see in this Quantcast Web Trends the Verizon marketing push in the US has impacted:

And the growth amounts to almost 100% growth since 2008 with a monthly increase currently of 8.3%

Unlike Apple’s iTunes store, we have free reign to get your company’s story about their product or service in front of potential customers in forms of AppWidgets, Game emphasizing your firm’s brand, etc.

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