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Everyone is reading the Nexus One news wrong, not surprising is it? Fact, Flurry through their tracking has deduced that Droid sales reached 1.045 Million over 74 days which broke the original iPhone record of 1 million unit sin 74 days set in 2007.

The difference between Droid and Nexus One is the carriers for the most part and we should see an up swing in Nexus One sales once the release of Nexus One on Verizon happens. My prediction is in the 74 days of Nexus One being available for Verizon sales will be 500,000 units in  those 74 days.

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Most of you when encountering my Make Android Apps look Like iPhone Apps posts understood that it was not literal in that I did not mean make an Android App look like iPhone  but meant in polishing the UI of the Android Application look and feel to implement a greater user experience. There is a large difference between iPhone and Android and even the now Open Symbian OS.

In the Steve Jobs world the iPhone Application Developer only gets to access UI APIs that Steve Jobs wants them to access and use and only give users the UI Application experience that Steve Jobs believes the user should have.

You will never see an iPhone Application Developer deliver a better Application UI experience to the user because Steve Jobs prevents that action. Not only has Android moved away form straight-jacketing Application Developers in such a manner even Open Symbian OS has moved towards giving Application Developers full reign in coming up with a new Application UI experience.

Thus, if I am spending too much comparing Android  Application UIs to iPhone Application UIs this week there are those reasons above and the fact that the last time a Mobile OS market share increased by 5% in one quarter was when iPhone OS was first released in 2007. My point is that Google and OHA gave us, the Mobile Application Developers, the freedom to come up with new Mobile Application UI user experiences beyond what they came up with.

But to get that new Android Application UI  user experience w2e have to polish our Android Applications UI user experience first.

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You know one of the defenses against Apple bonehead patent lawsuits is offense, right? So what feature. MultiTouch controller code has been posted that is backwards compatible with Android 1.5 and Android 1.6, you will find it mentioned here and the direct download link is here. It is one of the features I will be implementing to differentiate Gallerie form the default Android Gallery application.

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I keep getting asked to do cookie cutter RSS applications to brand some brand as Android application so let me explain why this is not the ideal strategy.

Which way you Want Your Marekting Juice To Flow?

If you are not an established brand than developing an android RSS application that depends upon your own brand juice to get installs will not work as marketing strategy. Let me give an example, Android only gets 140,000 visits per month and thus can be said to have their brand not established. So it would be pointless to do an Android RSS application with only their feed as the marketing juice is flowing the wrong direction.

Now, it does work with an established brand such as McDonalds or etc but the marketing juice is still flowing from brand to application, not the other way around. However, it fails if you want ot introduce new products from that brand.

How to Get Marketing Juice with an Android Application?

If you have a brand to establish than getting Marketing Juice through an Android Application happens similar to the way JibJab has done it in that you create a desirable product. This could be a game with brand mascots for example. if you examine the facebook applications of major brands when they wanted marketing juice to flow form the fb application tothe brand they did games.

You in wanting to establish your company brand, have to think in that manner about branding your firm in the mobile space.

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So why am I trashing my own app UI design? Well, with the ad space of 100px I get this:

As you can see the ad space size does not play well as far as taking up too much space. But there are some other concerns.

If you view the iPhone demo: see applications with bulky top and bottom menus. nOw look at the Nexus One gallery application(no its not in the emulator yet):

..notice that you have some floating menus. That seems the standard-in-quotes that visually Google and OHA seem to be pushing towards as far as visual lok of the application.

Thus I change the top most container from relative layout to frame layout to enable me to float a small menu. I eliminate the status bar and the ad space as I can have the free version just organize by file name tags and the premium version organize by file names and picture object detection.

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UI like the iPhone

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Android
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With the new look, now the fins begins. Part of the difference between desktop and mobile as far as touch devices is that you really do not want to repeat the UI pattern of forcing the user to organize items by folders, directories, etc. That is why Android does nto have file manager application.

A better way is to have the user organize sdcard items by tagging and once tagged than make that information accessible via an Intent so other applications can use it. Thus, the photoTAG organizer code I come up with is getting reused as an Android Organizer Application.

It opens up so much better UI handling in that you can have suggested tag by filename, content, etc. I mean Android is a smart phone, right? So lets have it act like one, right?

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Android Market Winners

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Android
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Android Market vs iTunes App Store
Image by Photo Giddy via Flickr

The problem with TechCrucnh stories is that they never get the effing analysis right, so lets go to the source instead. In this case its the code author of Car Locator, A AD2 winner. If you view the full blog of posts, you see symptoms of advertising in that after the AD2 win the uptake in sales starts occurring. But we have to know why.

First int, Edward Kim provides a free version of Car Locator and the conversion rate to paid is about 9%. The only advertising he has at the moment was 3rd place AD2 winer and Android Market featuring his application. In other words his advertising effort is not there yet or put another way only half complete.

Let me explain. On the iPhone side an app developer will make a full version freely accessible to reviewers by using a timer to time out the application use past a few days. That way you lower the barrier to having all mobile application reviewers review the application and write their application review for the blog reviewing it.

Thus, the take away points seem to be use the free application to lower the barriers to having the application reviewed and featured by internet media and that Android devices deployed on Verizon helped.

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Hello everyone, how is your Monday morning? So remember I was working on some new UI components for Android Applications: the application main screen you only have so much room for a back button, forward button, and the dynamic status bar. Thus, the issue becomes how to train the user so that the back and forward buttons are automatically recognized by the user upon first using the application?

We could use the set of splash screens do that, assuming that left button is company logo and the back button and the right button is application logo and forward button the splash alpha screens:

Than the Application splash screen:

Not bad. You will notice that I am using large typeface for the first letter in the Company and Application logos so that the navigation left and right buttons are easy to recognize as the navigation buttons will be using the same logs as graphics.

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One thing that is the same in skills and processes with the effort to get sales in Android Market is something that may at first glance might not seem related,androd development consulting customers.
You have the same process of analyzing where that target audience might look on the web and attempting to grab that audience. Suffice it to say that free demos and free videos are like the resume to get that Android Application Review site to review your application and thus that review becomes a marketing tool to get new customers.

Just like the recruiters on Linkedin, you have to avoid spending time on those groups that are not tangential towards your goals of getting customers. In the Android Market case, coverage by a non android application review site will only matter if the audience is directly using Android devices in high numbers.

But what free applications? It has to be a free android application that attracts an android application review site to review said application. Top sellers at this time seem to be Games, Entertainment, Utilities, and feature rich AppWidgets.

The free applications I am finishing are at this time an AnimatedWidget, a Feeds Application, a game, and a file browser application. notice that I did not state free android applications with someone else’s brand on it? At this point you will want your brand on it and that brand pointing to your stuff.

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Android App Build number

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Android
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Okay, detiails tonight as far as what ant tasks details to use. But here are the steps:

1. use xpath to read in Andorid.manifest vaules

2 Use propertyfile task to set new build number in a property file

3 read that value and use ReplaceRegEx to change it in the andorid.manifest.

If you want you can eliminate step 2 as you would still be using the xpath values to update your api doc to app version etc.

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