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Why Android WINS

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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Several ‘webtards’ have gotten this wrong such as:


Google Android: we want developers but…

85,000 reasons why Apple’s iPhone isn’t going to be disrupted

..and countless others.  These ‘webtards’ have never worked in the telecom industry and would not know  a correct trend if bit them on the ass. let us deal with the underlying mobile operator telecom trends first.

Two trends you should pay attention to; 4G and dramatic data usage increase among smart-phones.  Also tied into that data usage increase is the increase demand for mobile broadband.  Basically, the mobile operators do not have en0ugh investment capital ot build out 4G for that demand.

Now here is the take away of why both Android and ChromeOS will win. The mobile operators are getting ad revenue sharing monies to invest in theri 4G build-outs. The mobile platforms that do not offer this stick and carrot such as Symbian, iPhone, WM, LiMO, and RIM will soon wither on the vine as they will not offer enough revenue incentives to offset the 4G build-out required to support the increased data plan usage and bandwidth.

It is a carrot and stick game because the revenue carrot that Google/OHA offers is used to break the cycle of handset OEMs and mobile  operators controlling technology innovation.  While Apple’s offer of an innovative device was a nice carrot that carrot aspect is very limited because there is no revenue share offer to offset the massive network upgrades that AT&T had to implement, ie AT&T lost money.

The possible counter move by Apple to enlist search partners to share ad revenue with mobile operators that deploy iPhone is hampered by the aspect of the search partner target having their own invested interest in WM, namely Microsoft. In fact the only credible competitor at this point to Android and ChromeOS, due to the ability to offer ad revenue share to mobile operators, is in fact Microsoft with WM and certainly MS has enough quality engineers to copy over a better UI and fix WM’s problems with touch.

Long term it is the best deal to pay  for the 4G build-out that guarantees a mobile device-OS platform win.