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This set of steps is for those developing Android Applications. First setup your environment so that you can use repo per these instructions, do not download source yet. Okay now you ned to know which tag matches the SDK/Emulator version you have, in this case SDK 1.5.r2 has a source tag of Android-1.5r2 thus your download source command should be:

$ repo init -u git:// -b Android-1.5r2

Now, to get the source sub-folders in a form that an IDE understands for Application Development you nee dot use Michael Forester’s ptyhon script, use my modified copy so that you do not get the out folder stubs(someone suggested the change on Michael’s post but it was not modified for that change, so I did it). You will run that python script at the root folder of the source that you downloaded. Than point your IDE to use that source modified set of sub-folders for your Andorid Application project, it wil be the sources sub-folder.

Now, when you debug your Android Application you will no longer get  the source not found error. As the release changes per the SDK/emulator that you use and download you will have to repeat the above process forr that new release. At times you may find the source tags influx with be able to mtach them aginst the SDK/emulator for exampel right after a new SDK/Emulator is released and in that case you may have to ue the master soruce tag to make sure that the repo pul lyou do matches the SDK/emulator you downloaded. If in doubt, pose the question on the Android Developers list.

Correction: for SDK1.5r2 you have to use the master tag to pull for SDK 1.5r2 as cupcake will not match and there is no Android-1.5r2 tag at that level.

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