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I have this question that has been a constant theme for me during the past several months. As you know the real reason why RIA hype caught on is that it is hard to collaborate via touch device to desktop and back in a more high-interactive way.  And quite frankly touch devices makes that concept even worse in the amount of challenges faced such as the application programming language to use across mobile  platforms etc.

Before the ChromeOS push it was use something like Eclipse OSGi eSWT on the mobile javaME CDC side and full rcp swt on the desktop side and no it did not catch on.

Android both handsets and MIDs will soon be at a minimum of 1 GHZ instead of the current only premium Android devices being at 1 GHZ which places them in the same performance range as ChromeOS devices. It will be interesting to see which plays out better a one RIA platform approach using say HTML5 on webkit or say a mixed platform approach where you might have Android ria app as native java, the ChromeOS app as HTML5 etc.

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