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Robo-Guice download

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Android, Java, Mobile
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For those who want to explore Guice on android  the robo-guice download is here and the examples are at here.

With Google IO 2009 and the introduction of HTML5 and the focus on web programming on andorid everyone was of the opinion that Android Java was on the way out as an application programming language. Now, what if I were to tell ou that there are some Agile methods ot make Android Java as fast in development as web code?

In other words Android Application development using Java is not dead yet. But how? You use a light dependency stack such as Guice and an ORM library and Metawidget UI library.  We can get the same development speed as with web code development.  Oh oh Google what you unleased, a platform where web code nd java coode are equals on a mobile platform? Nice!

Yes, there somewhat is an ebook coming, hopefully. This is something OEMs like Motorola do ntot know about because I have kept quite about it going thorugh componnents that did not work until I found the right DI, ORM, and UI framework combinations.

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